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Using Social Web Services Safely

That’s some pretty nice alliteration right there. I’m going to enjoy it for a second.More and more folks on-line are using various social services and recently at a convention it was shown how it is trivially easy for someone with

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Adobe Air on Fedora 12

I’ve been getting my Fedora 12 machine set the way I want it. I had done the upgrade from 11, ran into problems with my video card and ended up doing a full install. Now I’m putting it all back

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Adobe AIR/Twitter Client/Proxy Issues

There are a million ways to post to microblog sites. Personally I’m a fan of identi.ca – so I post there using Pidgin. (I have it forwarded to twitter – so it shows up in both places.) Most of the

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Big Wigs on Twitter

Paul Dunny has an extensive set of links to the twitter accounts of C.x.O. level executives. He also gives links to feeds that break down CEO, CMO and CTO/CIO twitter posts. A very nice resource if you are interested in

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Twitfic – Twitter Zines

No time to sit down with a nice fat novel but you like to read? Just got a bad case of ADD and don’t want to try to read page after page, not even a whole paragraph? Twitter to the

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bashcookbook on twitter

Follow @bashcookbook on twitter and get daily bash tips.

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Twidge. Web 2.0 on the cli. It makes me happy.

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