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Oracle SQL Developer setup for MySQL on Fedora 10

I started working on a project today that uses the MySQL relational database to save data on the back-end. One of the packages available for Fedora 10, my current desktop OS, is the mysql-gui-tools package. This includes the MySQL Administrator

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WP 2.7 RC2 via auto-update

Just upgraded from RC1 to RC2 using the automatic update feature available in 2.7. Painless and crazy fast. I hit the button – watched the steps scroll by and it was over. Upgrading will now actually be faster than backing

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Netbeans 6.5 is out

My favorite IDE – has a new version now available. (Actually it’s been available for a couple days – I just didn’t get around to typing this up.) You can download it here and read about the features here.Read all

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Netbeans 6.5 Beta

Netbeans 6.5 beta is available for download now. The list of features is just incredible. Every release just impresses me more. I think when I shuffle on out of DBA land, and have time to write more code, I may

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I don’t usually cross-post between my blogs. But I’m doing so here for a couple reasons. One is that the posts I’m going to mention would fit in really well over here – usually I don’t have stuff that I’m

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