Space Coast Marathon

Ingrid ran the Space Coast marathon today. This was her first full marathon, she has done a half before. I’m really proud of her. She set a schedule, stuck to it as best she could (life threw a curve into the mix here and there) and she ran her race. She finished in 4:26:01. Which is pretty much exactly what she planned.

The race is held in Cocoa, along the Indian River. It’s funny because I’ve never been there before, we’ve always driven by on the 528 as we motored on ahead to Cocoa Beach. It really is very nice, right there in downtown Cocoa. There is a little area called Cocoa village that is full of cool little shops and nice restaurants. I think we’ll definitely be going back just to hang out.

The race started at 6 a.m. Ingrid wanted to be able to pick up her packet and get ready, so we left the house at 4 a.m. That meant getting up at 3:30 – a quick shower for me, getting the kids up and in the van and then hitting the road.

The kids were my responsibility and I fed them breakfast in the car once we were parked in our spot near the start of the race. We had told the kids we’d be up early, repeatedly. Hannah still looked astonished as she stepped out back to go in the garage and said to me, “The sun isn’t up yet dad!”

Once it got close to 6 the kids and I went out to watch the start. They had a real astronaut come out and he cheered everyone on. Then there was a count-down with a video of a space shuttle launch and the runners were off. There were so many people on a pretty narrow road, that we missed Ingrid. Then we went to the van to watch a dvd until the sun came up.

The race went north for 6.5 miles or so then looped back down past the start. We waited and saw Ingrid go by as she was heading down into the second half of the race. She high-fived the kids and looked really good. After she went by we went over to the park and so the kids could swing and play on the toys. They were cold but a little running around took care of that. I had a bunch of snack crackers to help pass the time too – they took a couple little snack breaks.

We hung out there and at another part of the park where the finish was. When it got closer for Ingrid to come in – we went to a spot coming into the finish and cheered Ingrid on when she came into view. It was a really great day. A storm front was moving in – and we hit some heavy rain on the drive home, but everything was perfect for the race. Pretty nice.

The space theme was everywhere. The race volunteers wore orange or blue jump suits that looked like those the astronauts where. There were models and all kinds of cool posters of NASA stuff. There was also a costume contest with someone dressed as the shuttle, another as an astronaut and a number of Star Wars themed entries. The kids loved it when they saw Darth Vader running in the race.


I’ve disabled the Nike+ stats plugin that was showing my runs on the left. I haven’t run in months. My foot is still jacked up from stepping on one of the kid’s toys. I’m happy on the days when I can walk with minimal pain, I’m certainly not going out to run. So no point in having that up there.

I’m looking at my options to do something that is low impact. I need to exercise, but my favorite way of going about it just isn’t possible right now.