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Python, UnixODBC, MDBTools and Microsoft Access on Fedora 12

This is funny to me in light of my last post. I have installed UnixODBC, I installed the gui tool to manage it and then I installed MDBTools to allow me to connect to a JET database. (This is all

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Building A Model for a QTreeView

On my little PyQt email program I wanted to be able to generate a list of who would get the emails. I wanted to see this before I actually sent them. I wanted a name and an email to go

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Netbeans Python Templates

Ran into Netbeans bug 163029 today. Wish I hadn’t spent a couple hours trying to figure out why it wouldn’t work.Netbeans has a nifty template system and I decided that I would take advantage of it. I found a handy

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Interesting Text Editors

There is an editor called Ommwriter that looks very interesting. I’d try it out, but at the moment it is only available for Macs. But there is a project Marave that is essentially working to build a similar editor using

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Python with Netbeans 6.5

This tutorial shows Python developers how to work with Python in the NetBeans IDE 6.5. It covers how to set up which Python runtime you want to use, how to create a new project, how to edit files, and how

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Python 3.0 Final

Python 3.0 is out. It is different from the 2.x versions of Python and not backward compatible. There are a lot of good decisions and changes reflected in this version of what is a great scripting language.

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