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Multimedia Keyboard

At work I use a Microsoft keyboard that has a bunch of keys up at the top for special functions. There is one for firing up a web browser, back and forward buttons, mail, search and some media player buttons

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Please, Do Squeeze the Chumby

IHT is running a David Pogue review of the Chumby. The Chumby is a small computer embedded in a soft case. The Chumby hardware and OS are open and the review mentions that the device already has a large developer

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Linux PC Models Multiply as Vista Struggles

Information Week is running a story that credits the recent and rapid increase of Linux PC offerings to the rejection of Vista by users. It seems that Vistas troubles have opened the door for inexpensive solutions built around Linux. It

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Is Apple Killing Linux on the Desktop

Chris Howard over at Apple Matters posits that Apple is killing Linux on the desktop. According to Chris, “Not that long ago there was almost a consensus that Linux would soon over take Apple. Several commentators suggested a few years

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