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Fedora 18, Nouveau Drivers and Firefox

I’ve got a desktop that I use as my primary work machine. It runs Fedora 18 and drives 2 monitors via an old but serviceable GeForce card. Unfortunately what that means is I’ve got to live in a world of

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Gimp on KDE Problem

I’m a Fedora user as I’ve mentioned before. I do not run the default de, gnome though. I’m a KDE user. I recently moved my main work machine to Fedora 18. I had a bump or two but I’ve gotten

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KDE 4.3 Keyboard Shortcuts

I wanted to create a keyboard shortcut for locking the screen on my Fedora machine. I wasn’t sure what to do and my Google searches on what seemed the right terms weren’t too helpful either. It took some poking around

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KDE on Win – Outlook not so good.

Linux Mag says that KDE for Windows is in trouble due to a lack of participation and coordination between those who are active. I can’t say I’m surprised even though I’ve only looked at it from the user side.I installed

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KDE 4.1 Desktop

I’ve been messing with KDE 4.1 on my Fedora box for some time now. This is an older machine – so I don’t normally have special effects turned on. They work o.k. but things do get just a touch laggy

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Good News on the KDE Front

This is welcome news on the desktop front. KDE 4.0 was getting ripped pretty well, but I think people were premature to jump in that direction. I’m still running Fedora 7 at work – I’ll move that to 9 this

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Multimedia Keyboard

At work I use a Microsoft keyboard that has a bunch of keys up at the top for special functions. There is one for firing up a web browser, back and forward buttons, mail, search and some media player buttons

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