Friend Connect vs. Facebook Connect

Google’s Friend Connect is now open to all web sites. The post I’ve linked to then asks the question – who will control on-line identity? and frames the answer in a competition between Facebook Connect and OpenID.

I’ve got a feeling both will be coexisting for a while. My tendency is to favor open over closed – yet I can’t ignore the behemoth that is facebook. We’ll see what happens.

On a related note, I pulled the first Facebook Connect plugin that I had tried. Didn’t care for the way it was layed out or looked. I’ll be trying the second soon. Maybe this next week.

Gmail Themes

Gmail now has themes. It isn’t that big a deal but I think that they do make the product more pleasant to use. It’s also handy for me as I use multiple accounts. I’ve set each to a different theme, and it just makes it that much easier to remember which one I’m using.

Some change throughout the day and ask for location so that the changes match up with local time. There look to be 31 themes available at this point. I’ll throw some screen shots below the jump – click for larger. Continue reading “Gmail Themes”

Google Docs Offline

I was doing some work using Google Docs today and noticed a new feature – off line access to my documents. I don’t know when this became available, but it is completely awesome. It works by using Google Gears to save files locally and sync them when an internet connection is detected. I need to read more about it. The Google Gears version is not 1.0 yet – so I assume they have a lot of features, etc. yet to write. I’m not sure how it handles concurrency on shared documents. I’ll have to set up an experiment with that at work or something.

Google Gears itself has been around for a while and slashdot has had posts about the launch as well as a piece about Brad Neuberg and Gears.

If you are interested, installing gears is easy – it is available as a plugin for firefox – I think you can install it on IE as well. I was going to put a bunch of Gears links here – but I think the best thing to do is just google, google gears. The top hits are all very good and will get you everything you need if you are interested.

I’d like to do some reading on the gears api – as it is open and creates a means for persistent storage with any web app. Oh – and if you are like me, once I had installed it and synced my docs- my first thought was “Where are they?” That is answered here. Not hard to find – but just thought I’d throw it in there.

Nasa Pics

Nasa has moved the picture of the day stuff and that broke the google gadget that I had displaying the photos. So I’ve yanked that out. It’s too bad, because I kind of liked that, but I’m guessing it was pulling a lot of bandwidth or something. (Not just my site obviously- I don’t get that many visits, but if thousands of people had it installed, it would add up.)

I’ll keep my eyes open for something else interesting to put up over there.