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Friend Connect vs. Facebook Connect

Google’s Friend Connect is now open to all web sites. The post I’ve linked to then asks the question – who will control on-line identity? and frames the answer in a competition between Facebook Connect and OpenID.I’ve got a feeling

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Gmail Themes

Gmail now has themes. It isn’t that big a deal but I think that they do make the product more pleasant to use. It’s also handy for me as I use multiple accounts. I’ve set each to a different theme,

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Google Docs Offline

I was doing some work using Google Docs today and noticed a new feature – off line access to my documents. I don’t know when this became available, but it is completely awesome. It works by using Google Gears to

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Google Code University

Wanna be a programmer? Get on over to Google Code University and do some learnin’.

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Nasa Pics

Nasa has moved the picture of the day stuff and that broke the google gadget that I had displaying the photos. So I’ve yanked that out. It’s too bad, because I kind of liked that, but I’m guessing it was

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T-bird and Gmail

This is much for me as anyone else. Gmail is offering IMAP service now. This handy article is all about how to use Thunderbird to get the most out of that functionality. I intend to go back later and see

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