It’s like rai-eeeeee-aiiin on a sunny day

Signed up for the webcast of an OSCON talk today. When I registered I noticed a littel link in the corner that said, “Test Your System”. So I did. The results are below.It struck me as a tad ironic that

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Why the White House’s Embrace of Drupal Matters

http://www.techpresident.com/blog/entry/33764/why_the_white_house_s_embrace_of_drupal_mattersDrupal developers are abuzz with the realization that the White House’s new Recovery.gov site was built using the free and open-source content management platform Drupal. Pre-Recovery.gov, the perhaps highest-profile use of Drupal had been the Onion website. But that’s not

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Good-Bye Oracle – Hello Lots of Stuff

October 10th is my last day as an Oracle DBA. After that – I start working as a person who provides technical resources to all of our staff over seas.When a lot of people hear IT – they immediately think

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