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Fedora 11 Upgrade

My Fedora system just told me it wants to upgrade to 11. I haven’t done a Fedora upgrade in years. They used to always blow up on me so I got into the habit of backing up what I needed

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Oracle SQL Developer setup for MySQL on Fedora 10

I started working on a project today that uses the MySQL relational database to save data on the back-end. One of the packages available for Fedora 10, my current desktop OS, is the mysql-gui-tools package. This includes the MySQL Administrator

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Some Windows 7 Screen Shots

Here are some screen shots of my Fedora 10 Desktop with Virtualbox open running Windows 7 beta. This is not exactly how Windows 7 would look running natively due to VirtualBox not supporting DirectX – so no Aero. Also I

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“New” Machine – Fedora 9 Install

I’ve been meaning to give F9 a spin for some time, as I mentioned a bit back. Just haven’t had time to knock it out. But yesterday I picked up a new-to-me machine and that will become my new linux

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