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Fedora 18, Nouveau Drivers and Firefox

I’ve got a desktop that I use as my primary work machine. It runs Fedora 18 and drives 2 monitors via an old but serviceable GeForce card. Unfortunately what that means is I’ve got to live in a world of

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systemd for Administrators

I’ve written before about the Fedora switch to systemd. I don’t follow things like that too closely so I first noticed it when my system started telling me. Then I quickly brushed up on the new way I’d start and

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Nothing To See Here, Move Along

Hooked up a Wacom Intuos 3 graphics tablet to my Fedora 15 box today. That’s it. Everything just worked. Sort of like when I was on the shared drive from the office server on Friday. No messing about with Samba

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New Work Machine

My new Acer Aspire came in to work. It’s a compact machine that has what I consider to be very good specs for its size and price. Most importantly it’s pretty Linux friendly. The first thing I did was blow

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Python, UnixODBC, MDBTools and Microsoft Access on Fedora 12

This is funny to me in light of my last post. I have installed UnixODBC, I installed the gui tool to manage it and then I installed MDBTools to allow me to connect to a JET database. (This is all

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Fedora Upgrade

I’ve been running Fedora 11 for a while but the upgrade to 12 was highly recommended here, so I kicked off the upgrade per these instructions. To put it simply, the instructions require typing a single word in at the

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Fedora 11 Upgrade Done

My Fedora machine has finished upgrading to 11. I didn’t time it exactly but it looks like it took roughly 4 hours. That’s primarily due to the fact that it’s an older and slower machine. No errors or issues at

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