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Florida Cottonmouth Encounter

The whole family went for a bike ride today. We stayed within a couple miles of home but did try out new routes. We went down a dirt road that ended at a gate that was locked and there was

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We just had a couple good friends and their three beautiful kids visit with us. It was so great to see them. They are in the middle of their new staff training with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Technically they work for

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A lot going on

There has been a ton going on in my life, so much so that I haven’t had much time to get over here and post about any of it. So what is all this stuff?Well, I made some major headway

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Back From Vacation

We just got back into Orlando today. We spent the last week in the Tampa area – Treasure Island to be exact. It was a nice, relaxing time which was just what we needed.We spent a lot of time at

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Magic Kingdom

Spent a few hours with the family at Magic Kingdom today. It’s a bit warm out- so the time we were there was just about right. The tickets were given to us, so we didn’t feel pressure to stay all

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My kids were talking to an adult friend of ours about movies. The kids (ages 8,7,5) proceed to explain that one movie they really like is about “A boy who dates a girl but becomes bad and wants to kill

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