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Using Social Web Services Safely

That’s some pretty nice alliteration right there. I’m going to enjoy it for a second.More and more folks on-line are using various social services and recently at a convention it was shown how it is trivially easy for someone with

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Building a Facebook fan page

I found a nice post at TechCrunch on building an engaging Facebook fan page. Has some great tips and the comments have a couple good suggestions as well. Worth reading for anyone interested in having such a page. We are

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Friend Connect vs. Facebook Connect

Google’s Friend Connect is now open to all web sites. The post I’ve linked to then asks the question – who will control on-line identity? and frames the answer in a competition between Facebook Connect and OpenID.I’ve got a feeling

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More on Connect

I’ve installed the plugin from sociable – and that should be pretty obvious on the front page of the blog. I’ve just tested it a bit, but it seems to not refresh when I log in, but if I click

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Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect enables integration between external sites and facebook. What this means is that many of you who already have blogs outside facebook can now use Facebook Connect to bring Facebook to your blog and your blog back to Facebook.

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