New Work Machine

My new Acer Aspire came in to work. It’s a compact machine that has what I consider to be very good specs for its size and price. Most importantly it’s pretty Linux friendly. The first thing I did was blow out Windows 7 with a Fedora 12 install. Here are a couple pics of it on my desk.

This system replaces a rather old and rather large HP machine that sat below my desk. My feet are happy with the new room that they get. I picked this machine up via Tiger Direct. Their customer service was solid in helping me get the order done and it arrived very quickly.

This was my first 64 bit Fedora install. Everything was pretty normal. The only issue I’ve run into is Adobe does not have a version of Air available for 64 bit Linux. They have instructions to install the 32 bit version but they are very out of date and I’m not comfortable with what they want done anyway. So I will be foregoing Air for the time being. Maybe this will motivate to get back to work on the twitter client I was trying to get done. I think we all agree the world needs more Twitter clients.

Is Apple Killing Linux on the Desktop

Chris Howard over at Apple Matters posits that Apple is killing Linux on the desktop. According to Chris, “Not that long ago there was almost a consensus that Linux would soon over take Apple. Several commentators suggested a few years ago that Apple’s biggest threat was not Microsoft, but Linux. Apple has taken care of that threat!”

I don’t know the answer in any authoritative fashion, but in my limited experience, I have seen people fed up with MS moving to Mac, not Linux. My most die-hard linux using team mate gave up on it for work a few weeks ago and does everything from his Mac now. Me personally, I run linux and xp side by side so that when I don’t have time to fight with Fedora, I can just get it done on windows and then switch back. This isn’t always the fault of Linux, but it’s the reality I have to deal with. I don’t know if it would be any better with Mac as I’ve never used on for work. Shoot, the last apple pc I used on a regular basis was a IIe.