I’ve never cared for moving. I like going new places, it’s the process of getting there that isn’t a lot of fun. We are getting to the point where we have to deal with a lot of the less fun parts of moving to Hungary. I found this video of Budapest to be motivating, as it reminds me of how cool it will be to live there. Technically we wont reside in Budapest. We will be living in Diósd, a small town between Budapest and Erd. But it’s close enough that I’m sure we’ll get to enjoy the beauty of the city regularly.

Here’s a map that shows Diósd in relation to the cities around it.

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Schmap Used A Photo Of Mine

This is not that big a deal – but it is mildly cool to me. A photo that I put on flickr from my trip to Hungary has been used as part of a tourism guide for Budapest. The site is called Schmap and they didn’t pay me or anything. It looks like they go through flickr (and other sites I would guess) looking for photos they might use and then asking permission to do so. I think they update things pretty frequently – so I have no idea how long it will be up there, but it’s fun to look at. The photo I took is in the top right corner – credited to ronpeckjr. It has the Chain Bridge in the foreground and the parliament building in the background. I haven’t looked at my photos from that trip in a while, but seeing them again makes me want to go back.