Do It Yourself

Our refrigerator has been leaking water. It took us a little time to figure out where the water was coming from and for a while it seemed it might be coming out of the wall from behind some cabinets. So the fact that it was the refrigerator was actually a relief, because even if we had to buy a new one, that would still be cheaper than if the water were leaking through the wall.

Of course the next step was to figure out where the water was coming from. Ingrid nailed down that it leaked out when she used the water dispenser on the door. So she turned off the water at the wall where it led to the back of the fridge and that took care of the immediate issue. Today I finally got to dig in and take a look.

The water runs from a little spigot in the wall to the back of the fridge, where it goes into a valve. From that valve water runs to a filter up inside and then back to a second valve, and from there to the ice maker and dispenser. It’s an interesting design.

The very first valve, the one that is connected to the external water tube, has water coming out of two points rather than one. So one tube goes in, two come out and then connect to a little Y shaped plastic piece that then connects to the single line that goes to the filter. I have no idea why they decided to make it that way. It makes no sense and of course it was that tiny plastic Y piece that broke. So when the valve opened, water was leaking out of it.

I got online, looked up the model number for the refrigerator and then browsed through part diagrams. And here is where we come to the kicker. They don’t make or sell that little Y shaped piece any more. They figured out it was a crappy design and came up with a new valve that has one inlet and one outlet. That eliminated the need for the Y. What that means for me though is that instead of buying a 25 cent plastic piece I had to order a $40 valve. The valve I have now works fine, it just wont hook up to the line any more. I could go to home depot and see if I could find something that I could rig together, but we’ll be renting this place out soon and I don’t want to leave something like that behind for someone else. Should have the new valve next week.