Glade & Python

Today I did my first GUI app using glade to design the GUI and python for the back end code. It was pretty cool- though it took way too long. But that is the magazine’s fault.

I got a free copy of Wide Open – the Red Hat magazine. They have a tutorial that takes you step by step through the process. This is just the kind of thing I had been looking for. I had messed with glade and python a bit here and there– but never taken the time to get anywhere. Well this was cool but for one thing. In Python, as you may know– indentation and white space are significant. They impact how code works (or as in this case doesn’t work.) And the code example in the mag, I utimately figured out, is all jacked up. Well I guess I learned something but I’d have rather not learned it that way. But now I do have a form that comes up and when you hit the button, whatever you have typed up in the text box- appears on a label. Wow.

Maybe you want to play with Glade and Python too. If you are running linux – your distro should come with everything you need. Just check to be sure everything you need is installed and google for some glade python tutorials- there are a few good ones out there. One you might use is right here. (and the method they use to integrate the two carries over to mono– how ’bout that?) If you are on windows only — never fear. Python and Glade run on both.

Get Glade here
Get Python here

Spider-Man 2

I went and saw Spider-Man 2 on Monday. I think that I liked it even better than the first one. But it’s a tough call. I really liked how he discovered his powers in the first film. The second picks up where the first left off. Peter Parker is struggling with the downside of being a super hero and trying to be a regular person too. It’s awesome how they display the problems brought up by spending time doing good things. Peter is no rich millionaire who can afford to do whatever he wants.

The bad guy in this one, Doc Oc is great. Alfred Molina does a superb job of playing this new nemesis. I’m a bit partial to him I must admit since he played Levin in my favorite film adaptation of Anna Karenina (If you just cannot bring yourself to read the book – this is a good movie. But as in every case thus far in my life, the book is much better. Don’t think seeing the movie is the same as reading this great, great book) I don’t want to do any spoiler action – but Doc Oc is, in my mind, a better villain than the Green Goblin was in the first film.

We went Monday morning and every showing was just packed out. Ingrid went and saw it later at another theater and said it was the same. I imagine as long as these movies keep raking in the cash like this, they will keep putting them out. The only question is how long can they keep this level of quality? Or will they eventually pull a Batman?

Hacker’s Diet

I put up a link to the Hacker’s Diet on the left side of the page today. Been meaning to get to that for a while now. It is not a fad diet. It is simple weight loss through calorie reduction. Plan your caloric intake to be less than your body burns- and you lose weight. So far I’ve lost a total of about 45 pounds.
The diet book and software were written by John Walker. One of the creators of auto-cad. The whole site is pretty interesting. There is some new age kind of stuff there that is a bit odd- but I recommend the diet to anyone with an engineering oriented mind. I read the book, installed the eat watch software on my palm pilot and have had great results.

Very Funny

I caught this in a slashdot post today and it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.

True story…

Me: So what did you get for Christmas last year?
Friend: My uncle gave me a copy of Red Hat 7.
Me: Ohh, sorry man.
Friend: Yeah, sucks. might as well have gotten a gift card with
Me: Its the thought that counts, right?
Friend: Guess so…
Me: So what did you get him?
Friend: Free Pepsi music download…..
Me: Word.


Gmail is all the buzz lately. And I do mean all the buzz. Everywhere I hang on the net, somebody is talking about GMail. So I busted down and asked for an invite. Now I can be reached, among other places, at Do I need another email address? Not really- just buckling under the peer pressure.


Thanks for coming by. This is where I’ll be putting all my junk. Mostly stuff related to programming, database administration and other I.T. kind of things. If I’m interested in it- there is a good chance you’ll find something on it here.


I’m going to do a micro-zine. It will be called Portage and I’ll be focusing on posts that deal with travel (literal and metaphorical) esp. in regards to overcoming obstacles. I’ve got a few things to set up and then I’ll get it rolling. It will be a purely non-commercial affair. No payment for accepted submissions, no advertising for readers, etc. Just something for fun. 1 post a day I think. No launch date yet.

I am going to start using the term µZine rather than twitterzine. May never catch on but I don’t like being product specific. Though I think the term twitter may go the way of xerox.