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Stuff You Can Download

I have plans for this spot. I have plans for a lot of things.

But for right now I’m gonna start throwing stuff up here so you can grab it. I’ll add as I go because if I wait for everything to be perfect I will never get to it.

Open Office Automation with VB

Since I originally wrote this for VB 6.0, I’ve picked up a copy of Visual Studio 2005. I pasted in the code, pulled out the ADO part, and it still worked fine. That was nice to see. So if you are working with, this should still work.

The VB files This is the actual project file, etc.

The code in a text file This is just the code you can copy and paste into a project of your own.

WordPress Theme

I took a theme for wordpress and made a number of changes to it. You can see it at our page for Ingrid and I. I’ve got the theme here to download with a header image that does not have us or the crusade logo on it.

If any of this is helpful to you feel free to drop me an email and let me know. Or if you have questions.
-Thanks, JR

Travail – a poem

Eatwatch on a sheet

Here’s an OO Calc spreadsheet that emulates the month log portion of eatwatch.

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