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New Blog Home

Well – if you are reading this, you made it here. My personal musings will now be living at so that I can use the top level domain for a personal project I’ve been thinking about for quite a

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Sawfish: mining the forgotten forests of the sea

The title, Sawfish: mining the forgotten forests of the sea is a bit misleading. It’s about a company that uses robots to harvest timber, long under water, in places where man made bodies of water flooded large forests. I don’t

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I don’t have an iPhone, and unless something really unexpected happens, I don’t ever intend to own one. But I did find the White African review of iWarrior to be very interesting. iWarrior is a game created and developed completely

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Linux Netbooks for Africa

Canonical (the maintainers for Ubuntu Linux, based in South Africa) and IBM are planning on selling netbooks in Africa running their software. This looks to be an inexpensive option compared to full powered hardware with MS licensing on top.

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The FLAP bag (Flexible Light And Power) is an interesting idea to bring a piece of usable tech to the developing world. I don’t know how one gets their hands on a kit but right now a friend of mine

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ren rou sou suo

Just finished reading about human flesh hunting via slashdot. It is about large groups of people that use the internet to track down and punish individuals that upset them. I’ve seen this stuff over at reddit – and via the

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O’Reilly on Changing Your World

Tim O’Reilly made some waves with his endorsment of then presidential nominee Barack Obama. Today in his O’Reilly Radar blog post Tim lays out a 4 point plan for those active in the information technology world to get actively involved

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