The new theme is Arjuna-X. I like it, and look forward to messing with it. It comes with quite a few nice config options right out of the box, so I feel comfortable just throwing it on now and messing with it once I have some time to do so. Next post should include some code to see how that comes out.

New Look

I just can’t leave well enough alone. I really like this theme though and will probably stick with it a while. I do need to make a few changes — but that will come over time. This new theme is quadruple blue and I found it by following a link that I saw over at digg. I don’t want to change it a whole lot — just tweak a few things.


When I did my makeover of Connections Reloaded, I called it Stained – since the header has the stained glass window in it. I widened that out and moved it from 2 columns to 3. That was the birth of Stained3Col. I really like it but I have 2 trouble spots. This is due to the way the theme is designed and I’m still trying to figure out how to fix it.

I wanted to rearrange a couple things this week and I added the Amazon search box, and that got me working on it again. A few views used to be busted but now I’m down to 2 that don’t work right. If you click on the title of a single post (or hit more – which gets you to essentially the same place) things are not right. If you click on the calendar for a single day it is busted too. I’ll get it though. Categories work, full months work, the front page works. Which is good enough for me to leave it until I can work out the rest.

Who knows when I’ll finish it – but someday.