A little travel

Well, things have been holidays busy and I haven’t posted in a while.

One thing that happened is I went to Phoenix for a few days in December. I went by myself and was home for my sister’s wedding. She is Renee Brown now and not Renee Peck anymore. It was a small, casual ceremony in Casa Grande, AZ. We had a good time.

I flew Airtran out and back as they had the best price for the trip. Every flight was on time, and one leg of my trip left on time, and arrived early. I had to switch planes in Atlanta both ways. The Atlanta airport is nice, and it was not a big deal. On the planes they had xm radio which was kind of cool.

I was real pleased with service and everything went well. So next time we go to Arizona that will probably be the first airline we check for fares.

I saw a couple friends while I was home, hung out with family and got to go flying with the Phoenix Police Dept. Air Unit again. That was pretty awesome. I went to church the Sunday I was there at our home church, Bethany Bible and it was nice to see a lot of good friends. The following Monday morning I was headed home. It was a really quick visit, but a very nice one.

Jo napot

Well – Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I’ll be spending about 2 weeks in Hungary in January. I’ll be providing tech support to the Eastern European staff conference for Crusade. Our team will also be there as an IT resource for the national staff in that area. I’m not sure what the exact schedule or location will be, but I’ve started working on my Hungarian.

We sent a team to their last conference a couple years ago and it was a big success so they are putting one together again for this year. I’ll continue to post details as they become available and will probably be posting stuff about Hungary in general as I try to educate myself before we go. (When I was in the Navy I visited a lot of places but never for more than a few days. So I’m really excited, plus this will be my first time ever in Europe.)