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License Plates

A few weeks ago for spring break we drove up to Germany and visited relatives. It was a lot of fun. While we drove, I kept track of the different license plates we saw. I enjoy doing that with states

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Modern Travel

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I love living in the future. Last week I flew to Indianapolis for meetings on Thursday morning and was home before the kids got out of school on Friday afternoon.

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Flying to Singapore

On the trip from to Singapore, my longest leg was from Atlanta to Narita/Tokyo. We flew in a big loop up over Canada, Alaska and parts of Russia. These are a few shots I snapped out the window.

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This Last Week’s Travel

The last 10 or so days have been pretty busy. On Sunday the 27th I flew from Orlando to Mexico City. I went from there to Puebla and spent a few days helping to train staff on how to use

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Schmap Used A Photo Of Mine

This is not that big a deal – but it is mildly cool to me. A photo that I put on flickr from my trip to Hungary has been used as part of a tourism guide for Budapest. The site

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Back From Vacation

We just got back into Orlando today. We spent the last week in the Tampa area – Treasure Island to be exact. It was a nice, relaxing time which was just what we needed.We spent a lot of time at

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Hungary Pictures

Some of the pictures I took in Hungary are here on flickr.More pictures taken by my friend Dave are in this Picassa web album.It was really an awesome trip.

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