Back From Vacation

We just got back into Orlando today. We spent the last week in the Tampa area – Treasure Island to be exact. It was a nice, relaxing time which was just what we needed.

We spent a lot of time at the beach and the pool, took in a Rays game, visited the Florida aquarium and played a few games of Trouble. The kids took in some Disney channel, enjoying the fact that they had cable where we stayed. Ingrid and I each got to read a fluff novel, and I got to work through most of a really great book on intellectual property. Sounds boring but it really wasn’t. I’ll have a review up over at GeekBook pretty soon.

We are very fortunate to get to take the time for something like this. I also think about how nice it is to be so well off that we can just go stay somewhere, take a week off work, etc. Not everybody has that kind of luxury. I’m really thankful.

Next week the is the last of summer vacation for the kids. Then it’s back to school, so hopefully this gave them some nice summer memories. The first third of their vacation was OSP – so I think this kind of balanced it out.

We didn’t have internet access – for a week. And I lived. How about that?

Magic Kingdom

Spent a few hours with the family at Magic Kingdom today. It’s a bit warm out- so the time we were there was just about right. The tickets were given to us, so we didn’t feel pressure to stay all day and make it worth the money. We went straight to Thunder Mountain Railroad and picked up fast passes – then rode Splash Mountain. By the time we did that we were able to get in the fast pass line for Thunder Mountain and rode that. Then the wife and kids did the small world ride while I went to meet up with some friends. We were all meeting in Tomorrow Land so I grabbed fast passes for Buzz Lightyear. We ate lunch, then did Buzz Lightyear. I scored enough for Space Pilot status. My thumb hurt though. After that my wife and oldest rode the people mover while the other two and myself waited in line for the astro orbiter or whatever it is called. Then we needed to get home so the girls could go to the dress rehearsal for tomorrow’s dance recital. They are now at said recital practice, youngest is playing lego starwars II and I’m chilling out – posting to slashdot from the nicely air conditioned confines of my home.

Trick or Treat

Kids had a great time out last night.  It was pretty quiet on my end, handing out candy.  The kids used last years costumes again (and the year before that I think – dang.)  So we had two princesses and batman.  It was kind of cool out, which was nice.  Last year I was sweating like crazy.


Quite a few things have been going on.
The kids had their Awana Grand Prix last night. I really was behind the ball on getting their cars together. I went to a friend’s house and cut them out on his band saw Wednesday after work. On Thursday I sanded them and painted them white. The white painted while we ate dinner and then after dinner the kids painted their cars. They dried over night and Friday morning I put the wheels on. We didn’t add any weight or do anything to help them go faster. That was pretty evident last night, but the kids still had a good time. Next year we will try to start earlier and do a better job.

NaNoWriMo is coming along. I’m over half way with my word count but of course there is less than half of the month left. I think it will be close. I can still make it, but I’m going to have to be more productive than I’ve been thus far. Mostly though, it’s just that things come up that I’m not going to blow off, like last night’s race.

I’m watching the Michigan/Ohio State game. Looks like it will be a good game. I’m pulling for Michigan, that’s where I was born. I don’t get too into college football (neither of the schools I went to had football teams) but I’ve gotten sucked into the hype on this one.

Next week should be fun. 3 days of work followed up by a 4 day week-end. We’ve never done Thanksgiving on our own. In Phoenix we alternated between going to my folks and Ing’s folks each year. We miss them, but it’s kind of fun to be doing our own dinner. We are having some of our neighbors over. I look forward to good food, rooting for Detroit (futile but I’ll do it) and against Dallas. I told the kids they have to watch 2 minutes of football with me and then they can do whatever they want.