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License Plates

A few weeks ago for spring break we drove up to Germany and visited relatives. It was a lot of fun. While we drove, I kept track of the different license plates we saw. I enjoy doing that with states

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My TIE collection

I was at the store, picking up some groceries and I had my son with me. That meant we needed to swing by the toy section on our way out to see what Lego kits they had on the shelves.

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I’ve never cared for moving. I like going new places, it’s the process of getting there that isn’t a lot of fun. We are getting to the point where we have to deal with a lot of the less fun

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Lake Toho Sunset

Last Saturday all 3 kids had sleepovers with friends. That meant Ingrid and I had a night to ourselves. I don’t even remember the last time that happened, probably March I guess. We went out to dinner at Crabby Bills

1,293,926,400 seconds

1,293,926,400 seconds is roughly the amount of time I’ve been orbiting the sun on this planet, not counting time in the womb. 41 years is a little easier to say – and of course the seconds estimation is just that.

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Well – here we are. A new year. It’s rather arbitrary, the calendar and all that. But I’ve always done pretty well using arbitrarily chosen points to set goals. So here we go, a new year and an opportunity to

Running Memories

I watched the finish of the New York marathon today. Even though I can barely put together a couple miles right now, I still love running. In highschool I ran cross country and track. My dad had been an avid