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I’m going to stop posting to this domain. I mean I kind of have already, right? :) My last post was over 3 years ago. I used to maintain separate web sites for all my different activities. One as a


I’ve posted many times here thoughts I had that were influenced by or lifted straight from the blog of Neptunus Lex. My respect for the Captain is immense. He lived a life that many dream of but never have the

December 7th, 1941

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The only thing scarier than a propeller, is a propeller at night. I was just reading about this poor gal in Texaas that walked into a prop. It brought back a lot of memories of working around turboprops in the

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Wiring Adventure

I was at Baumax yesterday buying some things. One item I picked up was a plug to attach to a lamp I want to use here. The issue is I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to connect the wires

Run On

It’s an old song, sung a lot of ways by a lot of people. I tend to prefer the Johnny Cash version the best, but that’s no surprise. One verse really stands out. Well you may throw your rock and

Never Forget

And then you see her on the port quarter, what little there is to see of her above the water from an acute angle: The number 3 barbette of the USS Arizona, the watery graveyard of 1100 men and a