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Writing code at the creation of a fragment

All the examples I’ve seen so far for dealing with programmatically handling things from a view have involved an activity and the layout associated with it. But when I am working with Android Studio, whenever I create a new activity

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Android 2.0 is out

Android 2.0 is now available from Google. This puts to bed concerns about Google not releasing the sdk or perhaps being in some kind of exclusivity deal with Verizon around 2.0. The release notes give a nice overview of what

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Netbeans 10th Birthday

Well the NetBeans folks are celebrating the NetBeans 10th birthday. One event they are running as part of the celebration is the NetBeans Decathlon which features a set of 10 events that can be used to build up points to

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Netbeans 6.0

Netbeans 6.0 is currently in beta. The site says that release is scheduled for next month. There are already some very nice tutorials and documentation up for this new version of netbeans.I’m already extremely pleased with netbeans. Most of

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Nike+ Java Application

I made some progress on my Nike+ app today. I finally got my head around exactly what data I am graphing, and I think I’ve found what I’m going to use to display that graph. JChart2D is a minimalistic charting

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Java Stored Procedure In Oracle

This is a quick summary of some work that I did. If you are interested in writing stored procedures for Oracle, using Java you may want to read on past the break. Otherwise, not much to see here.

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OO.o / Netbeans Integration

A lot of people spend a good amount of time doing office suite type things on their computer. When I did more development at my last job, I did a good amount of work that centered around visual basic creating

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