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Font Problems

I recently wiped out and reinstalled the OS (XP pro) on my work laptop. It had become really slow and I was running out of hard drive space. It went pretty smoothly and I updated everything and then began the

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KDE on Win – Outlook not so good.

Linux Mag says that KDE for Windows is in trouble due to a lack of participation and coordination between those who are active. I can’t say I’m surprised even though I’ve only looked at it from the user side.I installed

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Some Windows 7 Screen Shots

Here are some screen shots of my Fedora 10 Desktop with Virtualbox open running Windows 7 beta. This is not exactly how Windows 7 would look running natively due to VirtualBox not supporting DirectX – so no Aero. Also I

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The Rise and Fall of VB

As someone who used to make a living cranking out VB 6 apps, I found this write-up on the decline of Visual Basic to be pretty interesting.To be honest, I’m not too interested in working with MS tools any more.

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Linux PC Models Multiply as Vista Struggles

Information Week is running a story that credits the recent and rapid increase of Linux PC offerings to the rejection of Vista by users. It seems that Vistas troubles have opened the door for inexpensive solutions built around Linux. It

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OS Comparison

The BBC has nice article up where they have four computer users tell what they like about their operating system of choice. There are 2 Vista users, 1 linux user and a Mac user. It’s a nice article because they’ve

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