The Paperclip Guy

there is a good chance that you have heard about the paperclip guy. He’s been on t.v. and all over the media as he attempts to trade from a paperclip to a house.

i got a kick out of seeing this, because when i was a teenager, i did this a few times as part of a youth group project. of course, we did it in a single day rather than over weeks. and we drove around, going door to door as opposed to using the internet. we would start with a toothpick, set a time that we had to be back at church, and then see who got the best stuff. after that we would sell the stuff to raise money for group trips or whatever.

the items that stick in my mind were a motorcycle, a double bed and a swing set. someone also got a toilet once. not bad for a single day of going from house to house and asking people to give you something a little better than what you gave them.


I’m going to do a micro-zine. It will be called Portage and I’ll be focusing on posts that deal with travel (literal and metaphorical) esp. in regards to overcoming obstacles. I’ve got a few things to set up and then I’ll get it rolling. It will be a purely non-commercial affair. No payment for accepted submissions, no advertising for readers, etc. Just something for fun. 1 post a day I think. No launch date yet.

I am going to start using the term µZine rather than twitterzine. May never catch on but I don’t like being product specific. Though I think the term twitter may go the way of xerox.