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Well, for whatever reason I haven’t been using a cloud based file syncing service up until now. I think mostly it was because I was just stuck in old habits and ways of thinking about how to manage files. But

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Taxonomy Access Control

I’ve been doing a lot of messing around with the Taxonomy Access Control Drupal module. It’s pretty impressive. Basically it creates a whole new permissions interface based on taxonomy. In my case, I break down nodes by requiring a tag

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Building a Facebook fan page

I found a nice post at TechCrunch on building an engaging Facebook fan page. Has some great tips and the comments have a couple good suggestions as well. Worth reading for anyone interested in having such a page. We are

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Florida DrupalCamp 2010

This last Saturday (Feb 20th) I had the privilege of attending Florida DrupalCamp 2010. It was a great time and very much a worthwhile investment of time. There were great presenters, presentations and good food as well as swag. I

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Adobe Air on Fedora 12

I’ve been getting my Fedora 12 machine set the way I want it. I had done the upgrade from 11, ran into problems with my video card and ended up doing a full install. Now I’m putting it all back

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When Will the Bus Be Here?

So this dude wrote an app for his android phone that goes out and grabs arrival times for nearby bus stops. Which is cool. But then it takes results and communicates them via bluetooth to his watch, which displays the

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Google Calendar Sync

I have no idea when Google first released Google Calendar Sync or why I never noticed it before, but I’m really liking it. The install was painless and worked well. My google calendar is much more user friendly than my

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