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T-Mobile Trials

While I was in Arizona I picked up a new Galaxy S3. I got it at a tmobile store and the conversation was along the lines of, “I want to purchase an S3 with no contract, unlocked.” “No problem.” I

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Got a New Computer Today

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new Raspberry Pi and today it came. I was showing it to a co-worker and she was impressed that this little board is a computer. I really look forward to experimenting with

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Clean the Fan

This video is supposed to be funny but it’s actually pretty good documentation of how I spent a good chunk of my morning. Ingrid’s laptop was overheating and needed to be cleaned out. I pretty much had to completely disassemble

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Do It Yourself

Our refrigerator has been leaking water. It took us a little time to figure out where the water was coming from and for a while it seemed it might be coming out of the wall from behind some cabinets. So

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Kindle Wi-Fi

A friend from Hungary told us Kindles for the kids would be a good idea, as it might be tough to find kids books in English. I’ve been mulling it over, thinking about how to fit it in the budget,

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Nokia Bike Charger and New Phones

When I talk to people about how mobile is changing the world, especially the developing world they often ask me how people who don’t have electricity charge their phones. I’ve got some nice pictures of places in Africa where one

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New Work Machine

My new Acer Aspire came in to work. It’s a compact machine that has what I consider to be very good specs for its size and price. Most importantly it’s pretty Linux friendly. The first thing I did was blow

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