Google Gadgets

I use a lot of google stuff. Their search, maps, mail, reader, groups, and a lot more. But I still find stuff I didn’t know about. Tonight I discovered Google Gadgets. They are little widgets that can be dropped into pretty much any web page. I’ve put one up in the far right column – right below the calendar. It is a NASA picture of the day widget that was created by Olivier Camard of Paris, France. (People all over the world are creating these things.) I found out about gadgets through this blog post showing just how many gadgets there are and how many people are developing them. It is wild.

If you click on the small icon on the top right corner of the NASA pic gadget, you can cycle through other photos of the day – including the astronomy picture of the day. Very cool. My only question is in regards to if it will put any kind of delay on loading the page. I’ll have to keep an eye on that, but right now it seems very snappy. Loading up my nike+ data for that plugin seemed slower than grabbing the images.

My Maps

Google Maps has added a new tab, where you can use a couple tools they have provided to create your own maps. I’ve made one of my route that I run. Kind of cool. I saved it in hybrid mode, though the imagery they have for our area is very out of date. That said, they were the first, and as far as I know still the only, map site that shows our neighborhood’s streets. Here is my map

Search Terms

From my google analytics reports I can see the top search terms that brought people to our site. Currently for our main page at those terms are:

  • peck family
  • website tha has convergence
  • creative family christmas letter examples
  • “housing market in arizona”
  • when he comes again peck


Below is my second post using writely to create and post it. The first was shorter, just to see that it would work. I’m going to leave this second one up and as is, as a record of where the tool is at right now. The title and categories do not make it over. Otherwise it looks pretty good. I’ll definitely be spending some time with it.