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Lego, quite a while back, came out with games. I’ve been interested in them since I first saw them, but never had a chance to play them myself. That changed today, as my son received one of the Heroica games

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Oregon Trail – The Movie

If you are anywhere close to my age and can watch this without at least chuckling, you have more self control than I do. This absolutely cracks me up.

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Under 6 hours left for Humble Bundle

So the Humble Bundle is a set of 6 games that run on Windows, OS X and Linux. (It started as 5 games but a 6th has been added) You can get all of them for whatever you feel is

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I don’t have an iPhone, and unless something really unexpected happens, I don’t ever intend to own one. But I did find the White African review of iWarrior to be very interesting. iWarrior is a game created and developed completely

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Classic Arcade Sounds

A couple kids, in the early 80s, made cassette tapes of themselves playing video games at an arcade. Now those tapes have been made into mp3 files and you can listen to them here. This is the coolest thing. I

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I’m on a bit of a video jag here – but these are just too awesome to pass up. A Toyota commercial that is so full of awesome I can’t stand it. Mr. T is second – and dang it,

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Game Night

We had a guys game night at work last night. There were 4 xbox 360’s networked together and each with their own projector. We also had 2 wiis on projectors.The bulk of the time on the 360s was spent playing

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