When I did my makeover of Connections Reloaded, I called it Stained – since the header has the stained glass window in it. I widened that out and moved it from 2 columns to 3. That was the birth of Stained3Col. I really like it but I have 2 trouble spots. This is due to the way the theme is designed and I’m still trying to figure out how to fix it.

I wanted to rearrange a couple things this week and I added the Amazon search box, and that got me working on it again. A few views used to be busted but now I’m down to 2 that don’t work right. If you click on the title of a single post (or hit more – which gets you to essentially the same place) things are not right. If you click on the calendar for a single day it is busted too. I’ll get it though. Categories work, full months work, the front page works. Which is good enough for me to leave it until I can work out the rest.

Who knows when I’ll finish it – but someday.


The site looks awful with IE on my laptop, but seems o.k. on the desktop. Opera is good (but I expected that- it is standards compliant.) The fact that is different on laptop and desktop got me to thinking about the whole resolution issue. May have to check that out next. I tend to run at a bit higher resolution– I like to have the space available. It really comes in handy when I’m switching between various apps and might want to look at more than one thing at a time.

Don’t Click on the Blue E

I’ve been messing with the site for a while, and just realized I haven’t checked out how it looks in Internet Explorer in quite a while. (I don’t use explorer unless I have no choice, and for no longer than necessary.) So I did and I see that it looks pretty crappy. What you gonna do? Mentioned it to Ing and she said, ‘Check out my page.’ So I did and it was completely jacked up. So she switched themes and it seems better now. Gotta do that more often in the future.

It’s funny, I just forget that a lot of people use I.E. Tomorrow I’ll scope them out with Mozilla, Konqueror and Opera. Woohoo.


So I’ve got two posts now about open fonts available from SIL. I use Gentium a lot myself. Charis and Doulos are really nice but designed more for a need that I don’t have. I don’t really need fonts that extensive anyway, except if I’m messing around with greek stuff. But I also wanted to put up a bit about the history of these fonts. I think it is very interesting how and why it has come to be. Continue reading “OFL, SIL, ETC.”