I’m going to stop posting to this domain. I mean I kind of have already, right? :) My last post was over 3 years ago.

I used to maintain separate web sites for all my different activities. One as a blog, one as a place for book reviews, another where I posted about code and projects I was working on. I think that’s it. I do have one more for our ministry but that needs to be its own thing.

Anyway now what I’m working on is taking all that and moving that activity to one place. It’s combined with an idea that I’ll also be more active in posting and doing things – but we’ll see how that part goes.

So what I’m doing with the existing wordpress sites that are being merged into the new places, is that at least for now I’m leaving them up as static sites. I’ll keep them going until the domains expire. So for example this blog will be here until October 2019. When expires I’ll let it go. will go until December of 2025. will go until June 2020 (unless I can find something good to do with it – I love that domain name.)

So all posting about anything will take place at something connected to For example my blog will be which I guess I should fix to work at – that’s something to get to.

I’ll adjust as I go but that’s my plan moving forward. So if there is something here you found useful you may want to grab the info. now. This October it will no longer be at this address – and I may just drop it all. I’m not sure. If I keep it up somehow it will be at all new urls.

Thanks – JR