Fedora 18, Nouveau Drivers and Firefox

I’ve got a desktop that I use as my primary work machine. It runs Fedora 18 and drives 2 monitors via an old but serviceable GeForce card.

Unfortunately what that means is I’ve got to live in a world of crappy compromises. It took me quite a while just to get things working. I started with the Nouveau drivers. The problem is that even with all desktop effects turned off – the display starts developing little “artifacts” over time. Or if I want to make the entire desktop completely unusable I just need to start Firefox and visit a page or two. In fact, oddly enough, the Google Sites that Sophie Schmidt made about her trip to North Korea, opened in Firefox will completely trash my whole desktop.

Everything that pops up from here on out is a mess and closing stuff wont help.
Everything that pops up from here on out is a mess and closing stuff wont help.

It took a while but I got the nVidia drivers to work. Well, that’s not honest. I found JR’s Fedora 18 nVidia Drivers Install / Uninstall Guide and he had figured how to get it to work. I followed the instructions and I was in hog heaven. Firefox worked and I could enable desktop effects for some nice eye candy. I’ve been happily cranking along since.

Then last week a co-worker in the US sent me a google hangout invite and when I went to answer it KDE crashed. This made me sad. I immediately thought of the drivers but tried many other avenues of curing the issue, in the hopes that it was something else. But no. I uninstalled all the nVidia stuff and went back to Nouveau. Hangouts works again and I can’t use Firefox any more.

I really need Hangouts. I wish I didn’t. Well, what I really wished is that all my sofware worked well with the Nouveau drivers or that it all worked with the nVidia drivers. Either one would be acceptable.

The up side I guess is that I don’t have a ‘tainted’ kernel any more.