systemd for Administrators

I’ve written before about the Fedora switch to systemd. I don’t follow things like that too closely so I first noticed it when my system started telling me. Then I quickly brushed up on the new way I’d start and stop my db and web servers and moved on. I wasn’t crazy about the change but with a little help and by taking the time to learn more I’m starting to see the value. This is primarily due to the efforts of Lennart Poettering.

He has been writing a series of posts about systemd for Administrators. There are 18 entries so far. Unfortunately navigating them via his blog is not all that easy. He may fix that but for now I’m going to post this list of links to each post with the title. If I remember I’ll keep it up to date as more are added.

    Verifying Bootup
    Which Service Owns Which Processes?
    How Do I Convert A SysV Init Script Into A systemd Service File?
    Killing Services
    The Three Levels of “Off”
    Changing Roots
    The Blame Game
    The New Configuration Files
    On /etc/sysconfig and /etc/default
    Instantiated Services
    Converting inetd Services
    Securing Your Services
    Log and Service Status
    The Self-Explanatory Boot
    Gettys on Serial Consoles (and Elsewhere)
    Using the Journal
    Managing Resources

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