I’ve posted many times here thoughts I had that were influenced by or lifted straight from the blog of Neptunus Lex. My respect for the Captain is immense. He lived a life that many dream of but never have the skill and raw determination to see to fruition. And while it is the dream of many young boys to be a fighter pilot, those dreams don’t include the incredible cost payed to defend our nation, especially by those in the Naval aviation community. He gave up years of his life, in the air and on the seas so that U.S. citizens could enjoy the freedoms that they have.

On top of that service, he blogged. His writing revealed much of his character. When I was in the Navy I worked under many types of leaders. There are those that had to push very, very hard to get very little out of those they directed. And there were those who didn’t need to push at all, because they were men we would give our all – because of who they were. The Captain was that kind of leader, the kind who I’m sure could accomplish incredible amounts with just a few quiet words. A true leader.

I was thoroughly enjoying his account of his most recent flight, now as a civilian contractor, and thinking how thankful I was that he recorded it in words and video. What I was not prepared for was that today I would find out that it is over. I never met the man, and now I never will. But I owe him a debt of gratitude regardless.

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