My TIE collection

I was at the store, picking up some groceries and I had my son with me. That meant we needed to swing by the toy section on our way out to see what Lego kits they had on the shelves. This visit we got our first look at the new Buildable Galaxy sets and it was the TIE Interceptor & Death Star that caught my eye. A while back I’d acquired a few of the Titanium series ships. (I say acquired because my friend Terry gave me the Darth Vader ship.) I have always kept them at work – they are nice to look at when I need to let my mind wander a little. (good for problem solving) As soon as I saw the little lego TIE Interceptor I knew it would go nice with the others, and there it is. (The trouble now is it makes me really want to try and get the other Titanium TIE models.) Obi Wan’s Jedi Starfighter is not technically a TIE but the look is an intentional design that shows the Jedi Starfighter becoming the TIE fighter.

My TIE fighter collection.
(As always click on it for full size)

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