U.S.A. Federal IT Dashboard

In keeping with my fondness for Drupal, I’ve got another impressive project that is built on top of Drupal. This one is the Federal IT Dashboard. This is how the site describes itself,

The IT Dashboard is a website enabling federal agencies, industry, the general public and other stakeholders to view details of federal information technology investments.

The purpose of the Dashboard is to provide information on the effectiveness of government IT programs and to support decisions regarding the investment and management of resources. The Dashboard is now being used by the Administration and Congress to make budget and policy decisions.

The site was developed by REI Systems. They are unabashed fans of Drupal. And they’ve taken the time and effort to lay out some great information on why they decided to use Drupal to build their project including the advantages it brought as well as some of the challenges.

They have posted two case studies giving brief but interesting overviews to the development of the IT Dashboard. One approaches the project from a technical perspective and the other gives a management perspective. I think both are great reading.

My real hope now is that REI might contribute back the custom work they did to the community where it is appropriate. Either way, they’ve shown what a powerful platform Drupal is.