Amazon Appstore for Android is Open

I got an email from Amazon today that their Appstore was open. I was able to install the Appstore app without any issues (apparently AT&T customers will have issues or have to do something different, that’s what the install notes said anyway. sucks to be them.) and hopped right in.

They are doing a free paid app a day for an unknown number of days. Today’s free app is Angry Birds Rio. It’s there to grab for the next 10 hours or so. My son is going to be beside himself when I let him know we’ve got new Angry Birds levels to play. This time it’s setting other birds free rather than fighting the pigs. Man I hate those pigs.

Installing Angry Birds Rio was a piece of cake, pretty much like installing it from the regular Android App Store. So not a ton to say other than I’m pretty stoked about this. I do a lot of business with Amazon and this just pulls my mobile and shopping world a little tighter together. I like having everything rolled up together like that.

But – and this is important – I don’t have to have it that way if I don’t want it to be. And if Amazon makes any large missteps, I’ve got other options. Which is why you’ll see me sticking with Android unless something better comes along that is also open.