Amazon App Store for Android

Looks like Amazon will be rolling out an app store for Android. This makes me happy. It’s two of my favorite things coming even closer together, sort of like chocolate and peanut butter I guess.

Which reminds me of something funny, that has nothing to do with Google, Android or Amazon. I was at a conference in Bangkok last week and we were doing this thing where we moved around to different tables to answer various questions with other attendees. Each move put me with different people from all over. There was candy on the tables. At one point I was at a table with a woman from South Africa and she mentioned she was on the look-out for the peanut-butter cups. I asked, “They eat peanut butter in South Africa?” (I know places that don’t.) She said, “Yes, but not with chocolate.” Wow – they’ve been missing out down there. Two great tastes that taste great together.