• The Choir is one of my favorite bands ever. They’ve been around for a while but recently put out a new album that I picked up via Amazon MP3 (gift certificates ftw!). It’s awesome.
    • I set a personal record last week and watched 6 full length movies on a single flight. Atlanta to Tokyo on a 777 equipped with personal screens for each seat. I guess I should continue this unordered list theme with the films.
      • A-Team
      • Prince of Persia
      • Robin Hood
      • Karate Kid (new one)
      • The Matrix
      • The Matrix Reloaded
    • Delta’s in flight internet is apparently only available on domestic flights. Understandable but really limits any chance I’d want it.
    • There’s a “Survivor” app for android that lets you stream full episodes. I installed it and it works great (over wifi). How cool is it to live in the future?

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