App Inventor

Synchronicity, it’s not just an album. So a couple weeks ago my team lead got me a new phone. Not just any phone, A Galaxy S of the TMobile Vibrant flavor. This is in and of itself post worthy – and I need to do one, once I’ve had the phone a bit longer and gotten the hang of it. I’m coming from a Windows Smart Phone and it’s a huge difference.

So why am I here now? Well a while back I heard about Google’s App Inventor for Android and filled out a request to get in on the beta. I didn’t hear back for quite a while and just figured I wasn’t going to get in. I was so busy messing with my new phone I pretty much forgot about it, and then over the week-end my App Inventor invite came.

What I didn’t even know when I requested to get in on the Beta is that a phone is required to use the software. So if I had been invited in earlier, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything. I get the phone, a week later I get the invite and I am up and running.

I set everything up Saturday and it took me about 3 minutes to make my first “App”. It’s nothing fancy or even useful but I just wanted to see how it would work. It is pretty stinking cool. The tutorials are pretty sweet as well.