Well, for whatever reason I haven’t been using a cloud based file syncing service up until now. I think mostly it was because I was just stuck in old habits and ways of thinking about how to manage files. But I finally had enough issues, that I remember not long ago a friend telling me how he used Dropbox to fix some issues I have. I signed up today and I just can’t believe I waited this long. It is pretty awesome.

Any files I put into my dropbox folder get synced to their servers. I can sync the same files to any other machine or phone with the client installed. Clients have been written for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. It keeps older versions of files on hand and all the syncing happens without any work on my part. It’s possible to make files publicly available via the web or share them with specific individuals. So nice.

You can read about Dropbox on Wikipedia. And as a nice bonus, if you sign up through the following link, we’ll both get an additional 250 MB of storage. How nice is that? My referral link to Dropbox.

3 thoughts on “Dropbox”

  1. I love dropbox and use it every day. My only beef is that I can’t link to two different accounts on the same computer. I really need to share two different folders with two separate organizations but it won’t let me.

  2. I use both Dropbox and SugarSync. SugarSync is nice because you can select any folder to sync. (Dropbox only works with a single folder, which it creates.) However, SugarSync doesn’t work with Linux… only Mac and Windows. Boo. Fortunately, I can point SugarSync at my dropbox and get double-synchronization for that folder. Yay.

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