Nokia Bike Charger and New Phones

When I talk to people about how mobile is changing the world, especially the developing world they often ask me how people who don’t have electricity charge their phones. I’ve got some nice pictures of places in Africa where one can pay to get their phone charged. Often it is from a car battery hooked up to an inverter, with a power strip and chargers attached. Nokia is far and away the most dominant phone manufacturer in the developing world and they aim to maintain that dominance. I think their new bicycle powered charger will help. It generates power to charge phones, much like the lights that are bike charged work.

Team that up with the newly announced Nokia C1 and it’s an amazing combination. The C1 battery is reported to last on a single charge up to 6 weeks. It also has a built in flashlight, FM radio and it can have 2 sim cards in at the same time. At $35 it is going to be popular I think.

That’s the lowest end of the new C Series phones. The C2 has some great features and 2 sim cards as well, but in the C2 they can both be active at the same time. I think I’m going to need one of these for traveling. The world is getting smaller every day and mobile technology is a huge part of it.

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