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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I love living in the future. Last week I flew to Indianapolis for meetings on Thursday morning and was home before the kids got out of school on Friday afternoon. It was two – 1 hour hops each way. The last leg home was on a Boeing 757 and I had a seat just forward of the starboard wing and engine. I love the contrast of the engine so close and the ground so far away. So I dug out my phone ( radio off per FAA regs) and snapped a few shots. This is somewhere between Atlanta, GA and Orlando, FL. Nothing special but it looked very cool to me. Click on the little ones for the big ones.

3 thoughts on “Modern Travel”

  1. Back in my traveling days when I used to spend an ungodly number of hours on planes I used to love following along with Microsoft Streets on my computer so I could know exactly what I was over. Those were the days before wifi on planes and google maps. I loved being able to see that I was over LaGrange Georgia and know that building was Franklin Forest Elementary, or be somewhere over Iowa and be able to identify the comfort inn and imagine what life was like that day in that town.

    The other thing I would do is hold my head still and look at the leading edge of the engine and notice how fast the ground was moving against that line. If you go somewhat parallel to a highway you can see just how fast you are going compared to the cars.

    Geeks in action, indeed!

  2. BTW – here is where you were in the last picture.,+Orlando,+Orange,+Florida+32832&ll=30.437426,-82.833996&spn=0.113075,0.174923&t=h&z=13

    I’m scary good at knowing things from the sky. I could tell that you were right around the FL state line because the clouds are missing in the upper left corner of the picture. That’s the curve of the gulf. And that meant the highway just beyond the facility had to be I-75

  3. I wanna fly with you Tim. I always try to figure out where I am but I’m not very good at it.

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