Fedora and UnixODBC

January of last year UnixODBC spun off non-core code to separate projects of their own. The reasoning they give on their site makes sense. I’m just not sure I follow all the ramifications when it comes to how this works out on the user level with different distros. What I do know is that with Fedora if one wants to use the gui ODBC manager, ODBCConfig, then that does not come in the unixODBC package – it comes in unixODBC-kde. What’s interesting is that over at their sourceforge file list it shows a GTK version but that doesn’t show up in my KPackageKit list. I’m not sure how that came to be and I’m not sure if I have time or the inclination to figure it out.

The thing that drives me to mention it at all is that if one is googling around looking for info. on how to use UnixODBC, they are going to come under the impression that ODBCConfig is part of that package. The reason I figured out to look for something else was I happened to google Fedora and UnixODBC and ran across a forum posting that put me on track.

Looking at the ODBCConfig page itself, with a last update over 10 years ago, I wonder if those goes back further than last year. I don’t know. I haven’t messed with UnixODBC in quite a while and last time I did it was on AIX and I was just concerned with MS SQL Server drivers. Now I’m trying to get my little Python program I wrote to read an MS Access database running on my Fedora machine. This is stupid in a sense as I’d never willingly use MS Access on a linux box but I just want to see if I can do it. It would make more sense to switch to SQLite.

So just to sum up – if you want to use UnixODBC on Fedora, with the gui admin tool, you need to install 2 packages rather than just one. Getting the drivers themselves is also another matter. My next task is to see if I can MDBTools and UnixODBC to play nice together. I’ve found examples from folks who say they’ve done it so I’m going to give it a whirl.

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