Interesting Text Editors

There is an editor called Ommwriter that looks very interesting. I’d try it out, but at the moment it is only available for Macs. But there is a project Marave that is essentially working to build a similar editor using PyQt. Which means it is cross platform.

I downloaded it yesterday and have played with it just a bit. The Google Code site doesn’t have a ton of information but there is more background and info in this blog post about it.

Basically the goal (and this is communicated in a much more elegant way on the Ommwriter site) is to allow the writer to write free from distraction. So the app launches full screen and covers up the entire desktop. The few controls that are there disappear when one is typing. They are shooting for a back to the typewriter days type of experience so it makes clicking sounds when typing. There can also be background music. I turned that off right away. I don’t really want either.

This is a brand new project so there are some rough edges. I emailed in a problem yesterday and it was fixed last night – did an svn update this morning and I’m good. There are no binaries available – just source. Still – installing Python and PyQt is easy – and then it’s easy to run.

I’m partially interested in this because I want to learn PyQt better, but it looks to be a really useful tool as well. Here’s a screen shot with the menu items showing.

marave editor