Adobe Air on Fedora 12

I’ve been getting my Fedora 12 machine set the way I want it. I had done the upgrade from 11, ran into problems with my video card and ended up doing a full install. Now I’m putting it all back together.

My favorite Twitter client is Tweetdeck – which is an Adobe Air app. Installing Air went without a hitch but getting Tweetdeck, or anything else for that matter, was not working. The error message the installer gave me was, “Application crashed with an unhandled SIGSEGV” and then it would point me to a log file that was full of information. Unfortunately none of that information helped me to understand what the problem was. So I turned to trusty google and found my answers at this Technology and Investment Blog.

The answer to my issue was about half way down under the heading “Problems Running AIR Application”. It says there is an issue with SELinux – which I don’t totally get because I thought I turned SELinux off – but either way, I ran the command there and it fixed my issue. (I think it is probably an Adobe Air certificate issue – not SELinux) The blog links back to this Fedora Forum thread about Air – which also has some good information.