Fedora Upgrade

I’ve been running Fedora 11 for a while but the upgrade to 12 was highly recommended here, so I kicked off the upgrade per these instructions. To put it simply, the instructions require typing a single word in at the command line. Even I could get my head around that.

First I backed everything up. I’ve got an external drive that’s large enough to hold everything that matters. If something were to go wrong with this I wouldn’t be rolling back to the previous state. I’ll just wipe the machine and do a fresh install. But I’d like to see how this process goes.

I am a bit bummed that it’s not done this morning. I kicked it off last night and went home. Shortly after I left it stopped, to prompt me about something and so it really didn’t make any progress last night. That’s a bit disappointing and there is probably a way to do a silent install – but it’s not the end of the world. It’s not like the whole thing blew up on me – it just waited for me to come back. I’m in HR type meetings all day, so I’m hoping things are done by the end of that.