Flat Tire Thoughts

This morning I walked out the front door, hopped in the car and headed off to work. The only problem was I immediately heard the ‘flop, flop’ sound of a flat tire. I pulled back around in front of our place and dug out my jack, lug wrench and spare. Ingrid and the kids were just heading out and saw me. She asked if she could help at all and said she was sorry about the flat. This was pretty normal as I think getting a flat tire, is in general thought of as a bad event.

I put on a spare and went to the tire store. I needed 2 new tires as the flat was due to uneven wear because the alignment was off. So the new tires were put on and I went and had the alignment fixed. (I had work with me I could do as I waited.) Really pretty painless for the most part. We budget for unplanned needs and we don’t use that car too much so this should last for quite a while.

Later on I was thinking about it all. My immediate thought had been that while it was a small inconvenience, that is vastly outweighed by the luxury I have of owning a car, having good roads to drive on, being able to afford fuel, etc. A lot of what we take for granted in the U.S. isn’t so common everywhere else. But then I started thinking about it even more. What sparked the deeper thoughts were mentally going over what I need to do tomorrow.

My son plays flag football and I help coach the team. Tomorrow one of the other coaches has to work. I have the flags, team ball and I need to be there to lead team practice before we play our game. If that flat tire had happened tomorrow, it would have been terrible timing. I would have been late. Kids and their parents would have been waiting around, wondering what was going on. The kids wouldn’t have been as ready for the game and I would have been a frazzled mess by the time I did get there. A lot of people wouldn’t have been too happy.

But I had the flat today and everything should be fine tomorrow. A whole bunch of people avoided a somewhat frustrating or bad morning because I had a little inconvenience today. Interestingly enough, none of the kids on the team, or their parents, are aware of this. Today an event took place that benefited all of them and they will never know it. They didn’t get a strange feeling and think, “Wow! I just avoided something unpleasant in the future!”. I wonder how often this happens to all of us and we never know it.

I realize that this is all revolving around rather small ‘troubles’. My flat wasn’t disastrous. My being late tomorrow wouldn’t be the end of the world. But the whole thing has me wondering if this same idea is true on a larger scale with events that have larger consequences. The world is so complex and so many events tie together for ever growing numbers of people. And probably every day each of us has ‘good’ things happen that we don’t even know about.

Well, I don’t know if all this is worth anything or not but I thought I’d just share my thoughts.